Serstech SERS Kit

Quick identification of difficult substances:

Heroin • Fentanyl • Meth Amphetamine • Cannabis • Cocaine • Marijuana • Low concentration street samples

The Serstech SERS kit is used together with Serstech 100 Indicator to enhance the capability to identify dark coloured substances or mixtures with very low concentrations. The device is even capable of detecting ppm levels of “street quality” samples of e.g. heroin, fentanyls, marijuana and cannabis among others. The Serstech SERS kit is based on patent pending technology used together with disposable SERS surfaces.

In short, the signals from substances are amplified while fluorescence is being reduced. This is made possible thanks to 3D oscillation, a new and patented solution.

As with all Serstech’s products, the Serstech SERS Kit is developed and produced in Sweden and is available in volumes now.

Please contact you Serstech partner to buy or test the kit.

Download the Serstech SERS Kit Datasheet

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