Serstech Arx mkII

Serstech Arx mkII identifies unknown substances quickly and easily with high precision. The patented autofocus functionality removes the need for accessories and adapters. With 12 hours battery time, all you need to carry is the instrument itself, which fits easily in a pocket or small bag.

The autofocus functionality of Serstech Arx mkII gives a precise result, by automatically obtaining the optimal focus point, within milliseconds. By detecting the container material and thickness, the focus point can be placed with high precision, and the content can be identified with minimum interference from the container. The result is an exact identification of the sample, regardless of how it is packaged.

Efficient workflows. Serstech Arx mkII can be operated with one hand and a single button, freeing up the other hand to handle the sample and reducing user errors. All measurements are automatically transferred to Serstech ChemDash when the instrument is connected to your PC.

“Serstech Arx mkII represents a revolutionary advance in the 785nm Raman spectroscopy marketplace.  The unique autofocus protocols are able to achieve maximum available Raman signal without manual intervention. The small form factor, low cost, large library, and ease of use make it the ideal solution in the Raman marketplace especially for narcotics and contraband identification.”

Connectivity. Connect wirelessly to ChemDash Mobile to add GPS position and pictures and to allow your instrument to use online resources. Connect to ChemDash Pro using Wi-Fi or the included USB cable.

ATAK over military networks. Serstech Arx mkII has been developed with both military and civilian users in mind. Serstech Arx mkII is the first and only handheld Raman instrument that can communicate over military networks using ATAK (Android Tactical Awareness Kit).

All necessary libraries, including biotoxins. Serstech develops its own Raman reference libraries to meet the highest possible quality standards. Serstech’s chemists are expanding our reference libraries and updates are provided free-of-charge to all users every quarter. The latest addition to the set of libraries are biotoxins, which are commonly needed by HazMat and CBRN teams.

Five years’ warranty included. All Serstech instruments include a five-year warranty, which ensures that your investment in modern technology is well protected.

Patented SERS capability. Serstech Arx mkII can be enhanced with the optional SERS capability, which brings the detection limit down to 200ppm. Read more about the Serstech SERS kit here.

“The armed forces of today need robust, lightweight and reliable tools to meet the challenges of modern crises and on the battlefield. Chemicals of various sorts are an increasing threat to both military personnel and civilians. To quickly and safely identify these chemicals is crucial in order to deal with them adequately. Serstech Arx mkII is well adapted to the needs on the modern battlefield, in anti-terror operations and hybrid warfare.”

Download the Arx Datasheet

Want to know more? Download our latest product datasheet.

Serstech Arx mkII

  • Autofocus

  • One-hand, single-button operation

  • Create custom libraries and share

  • No factory calibration, no maintenance cost

  • Updates of software and libraries included

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