Serstech SERS kit FAQ

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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) is a technique that signifyingly enhances the Raman signal over a specific portion of the spectrum. It is often employed when only trace amounts of material are available, making it challenging for direct Raman scans to identify the substance. SERS can also overcome fluorescence interference. 

Serstech has developed a unique, patent-pending product: the SERS Kit. This kit is designed for easy use to enhance Raman signal and identification, for example, with substances like heroin and fentanyl.

The ARX instrument utilizes a SERS adapter, which attaches to the probe. The adapter includes a magnetized SERS disc for sample placement. The analysis involves preparing a sample solution, dropping it onto the SERS surface. When the solvent has evaporated a SERS Kit scan is initiated through the ARX interface.

See how to prepare samples effectively, from transferring materials to securing drops on the SERS surface here.


Investigating Residue in the Field SERS (Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) proves valuable when examining trace residues in the field. For instance, if you encounter a suspicious pipe and aim to identify traces of substances used, such as drugs e.g.,crack or meth, you can rinse off a sample with methanol or use a swab. This sample is then placed in a methanol vial, shaken, and applied to the SERS interface. The millionfold enhancement of the signal, specific SERS libraries, and technology provide detailed insights at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods like Mass Spectrometry. 

For a more in-depth understanding, watch our informative video here.

SERS can be applied to various materials, but its effectiveness depends on having the specific chemical in the SERS library. Common applications include narcotics, explosives, and chemical warfare agents. Researchers often tailor their libraries to specific metals and enhance certain spectral regions, allowing for versatile and targeted chemical analysis.

Enhanced Specific Peaks While the characteristic peaks of the standard Raman spectrum remain, SERS enhances only specific regions of the spectrum. For substances like heroin, the amplitude and width of these enhanced peaks may differ significantly, creating a distinct SERS spectrum. Adapting libraries for enhanced spectra is crucial for accurate identification, even when dealing with similar chemical compositions.**

The device can detect down to 200 ppm (parts per million). As for normal Raman measurements, the detection level varies between substances, i.e. some substance concentrations could be significantly lower than 200 ppm, but some can be higher. The difference depends on the physical properties of the molecules and the mixture they are present in. 

The package includes an adapter, 5 sample preparation bottles containing solvent fluid (Methanol 3ml or 0.1 fl), 5 disposable SERS disks, an Hex key for battery exchange, and a quick-start guide included in the following USB stick. 

The size of the adapter is 39 x 44 mm or 1.53 x 1.73 inches. 


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