Board and management

Thomas Pileby, Chairman of the Board
Born 1951,
Chairman since 2019

Chairman of Alevax AB, Pileby & Partners AB and New Projects Group Scandinavia AB. Board member in Pmevenire AB, Proistami AB, Lasomai AB and Euryphaessa AB. Board Member (Substitute) in LLOP Holding AB, Chromanalytica AB and AKAB Utbildning AB.

University level studies in business and industrial economy. Extensive leadership experience from various management positions.

Earlier directorship/positions:
Previous board member experience from holding the chairman position at Veronix Holding AB and Dreampark AB as well as board member (Substitute) at Surplus Inventions AB.

Thomas has professionally held many top management position after a long career as treasurer and controller at Åkerlund&Rausing Group, which he left in 1998. Since then he has held the title as CFO at Serstech AB, CFO/CEO of Bibliotekstjänstgruppen, CFO/CEO at Obducat AB (publ) and CEO of Veronix Holding AB.

Thomas is not independent in relation to Serstech, the management in Serstech and the largest shareholders of Serstech.

Shareholding: 2 138 886 (private and through companies)

Stock options: –

Sverker Göranson, Board Member
Born 1954,
Member of the board since 2017

Honorary member of the Royal Swedish Academy on War Science. Member of the international officer hall of fame at the United States Army Command and General staff College. Honorary member of the Swedish life guards (Sv. Livgardet) young officers. Chairman of ByNordiq Sverige AB. Chairman in the Swedish Veterans Federation. Strategic adviser and board member to the SES37.

Officers degree (Sv. officersexamen) in Sweden. Higher staff education in
both Swden and the United States of America. Studies in behavioral science on university level in Sweden.

Earlier directorship/positions:
After a career in the military expanding from 1977 Sverker was appointed General and Supreme commander of the Swedish Armed Forces in 2009 and held this position until 2015.

Sverker is independent in relation to Serstech, the management in Serstech and the largest shareholders of Serstech.

Shareholding: 33 564

Stock options: –

Arve Nilsson, Board Member
Born 1961,
Member of the board since 2019

CIO at Følsgaard Family Office
Board member at Tigran Technologies AB, Caretag Surgical APS, Caretag Holding APS, Ballymoney K/S and Green Mobility A/S.

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

Earlier directorship/positions:
Arve has many years of experience from various management positions within investment banking. he spent 16 years as partner with Carnegie in Copenhagen and London. Arve has previous board member experience from being on the board at Berlin High End A/S, Tigran Technologies AB, Rom Real Ltd. and UCAP Invest. Arve has also been member of the Advisory Board at Environmental Technology Fund.

Arve is independent in relation to Serstech, the management in Serstech and the largest shareholders of Serstech.

Shareholding: 1 185 487

Stock options: –

Märta Lewander Xu
Born 1981
Member of the board since 2021

CEO at Gasporox AB (publ). Chairman of GPX Medical AB (publ) and board member in BeammWave AB and suppleant at Lund Laser Centre at Lund University.

PhD in Physics from Lund Institute of Technology on laser spectroscopy with focus on applications toward medical diagnostics and industrial applications. Masters degree in Engineering Physics and a teachers degree in mathematics and physics.

Earlier directorships/positions:
Märta has extensive experience of bringing innovation and research technology to commercialization and into industrial products on a global market. She was part of the research group that founded Gasporox AB (publ) and also GPX Medical, a former subsidiary of Gasporox AB (publ). After being CTO at Gasporox AB (publ) she entered into the CEO position. She has also held the CEO position of GPX Medical where she later was elected Chairman of the board.

Märta is independent in relation to Serstech, the management in Serstech and the largest shareholders of Serstech.

Shareholding: 314 330

Stock options: –

Christer Kjellkvist, board member
Born 1961,
Board member since 2024

Board member SAFE 4U AB. Strategic advisor to System Engineering Solutions (SES) 37 AB. Owner and Director CK Defense & Security AB.

Officers’ degree (Sv. officersexamen) in Sweden. Higher staff education in both Sweden and the United States of America. Master of Science in Information Assurance, US National Defence University (NDU). Certified Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Assurance Officer, by US National Security Agency (NSA)

Earlier Directorships
After a career in the military expanding from 1988, Christer ended his career in the Swedish Armed Forces in 2008 at the rank Lt Colonel. After serving as an Military officer for 20 years , Christer has more than 15th years’ experience in the Defense Industry; CEO T-Kartor Group. CEO T-Kartor USA Inc. CEO 4C Strategies North America Inc. Founder and CEO of System Engineering Solutions (SES) 37 AB.

Christer is independent in relation to Serstech, the management in Serstech and the largest shareholders of Serstech.

Shareholding: 10 000

Stock options: –

Stefan Sandor, Chief Executive Officer
Born 1976,
CEO since January 2018

CEO and Chairman of Affekt Design AB. Board member at IngCa Consulting AB. Board member at TrackPaw Scientific AB.

Earlier directorship:
Chairman of Lund AB and Impeccable Style Lund AB.

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology.

Earlier positions:
Stefan has more than 20 years of experience in management and senior management positions. With a starting point in product management and marketing, Stefan has worked with innovation and product development in several highly successful businesses over the last two decades, including multiple ones that he has founded.

Earlier positions include VP Marketing and Product Management at Phase One and several management positions at Axis Communications and Wayfinder Systems.

Shareholding: 8 299 945

Stock options: –

Simon Persson, Chief Financial Officer
Born 1993,
CFO since March 2023  

Master’s degree in business and economics from Linnaeus University

Earlier positions:
Simon has several years of experience from the auditing industry as Senior Associate at EY and has a strong background from working with growth companies. Simon most recently comes from Quicktest, where he held the role of CFO.

Shareholding: 165 000

Stock option: –


Anders Görtz, VP R&D
Born 1979,
VP R&D since May 2023

MSc Electrical Engineering with Technology Management at Lund University.

Earlier positions:
Anders has two decades of leadership experience in Research & Development and Product Management. His previous positions include engineering and product management roles at Axis Communications AB and Vodafone Group Plc.

Shareholding: 250 705

Stock options: 300 000

Johan Raneke, SVP Sales
Born 1979,
SVP Sales since September 2018

University studies within economics and mechatronics.

Earlier positions:
Johan has a strong background with leading roles in sales, key account management and project management. Johan was previously Regional Manager and Sales Manager at power tools manufacturer Hilti. Prior to that, he has held several management positions at the electronic manufacturing services supplier Enics and Symetri, a Swedish IT company.

Shareholding: 363 065

Stock options: –