FAQ Serstech ChemDash

Architecture & Deployment

Q: What is the ChemDash solution?

A: Serstech ChemDash is a set of tools to manage information, assist collaboration and drive decision making in the chemical arena. It acts as a platform to interconnect chemical sensors and data, people, organizations as well as external IT systems into one ecosystem. Serstech currently have particular focus on use cases within the Security market, e.g. first responders, border control, police forensics, drugs, bomb disposal and military.

Q: Which are the main benefits I gain from using ChemDash?

A: Serstech is continually adding new capabilities but the most fundamental functions include the following.

  • Configuration of all your Serstech instruments
  • Automatic upload and backup of all measurements made with your instruments
  • View, print and share measurement reports
  • Create your own spectra libraries from our own measurements or mix with licensed spectrum data available in ChemDash
  • Download spectra libraries to your instrument to customize and enhance your detection capabilities
  • Add your own substance information in any language to libraries to customize result displays (GHS or custom formats)
  • Manage your system user accounts

Q: How can I be sure the ChemDash solution is future-proof?

A: Our goal has always been is to offer a truly future-proof, flexible and high value service. One important ingredient is the ability to add your own data to the system and work with it. The Serstech solution supports this in several ways:

  • You can create your own spectral databases locally, in the instrument. These can then be used as a reference in any of the embedded scan methods. You can use your own data separately, or mix it with licensed data while sampling.
  • The ChemDash system lets you collect all your data and assemble your own packages, complete with customized chemical information messaging, which can be displayed locally in the instrument whenever a match is found. Additionally, you can download your databases to one or several instrument to ensure they are always up-to-date. Serstech’s experts are always on hand to assist you in setting up the system and aligning it fully with your needs.
  • The Serstech instrument´s user interface features multi-language support and new languages are added on a regular basis.
  • We also continuously improve existing features and develop new ones. These improvements are released as firmware updates, available to all our customers.

Q: What is the difference between ChemDash lite and ChemDash Pro / Pro+?

  • ChemDash Lite only supports one instrument, if you want to connect multiple instruments to a ChemDash installation you need ChemDash Pro or Pro+.
  • In ChemDash Lite you can create your own libraries and send to your single device but there is no export functionality to share libraries with other organisations or departments.

Q: How do I upgrade from ChemDash Lite to ChemDash Pro?

  • If you have a ChemDash Lite installation and Connect an instrument with a Pro or Pro+ Licence the software will be automatically updated. Please note that you can not downgrade in the same way. If you have a ChemDash Pro or Pro+ installation you will not be able to connect an instrument with the ChemDash Lite licence.