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    – we give you smarter workflows, we give you CIS – Chemical Intelligence Solutions

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  • We do what a chemical intelligence company should do

    We combine sensors to identify hazardous chemicals with tools for analysing, storing and sharing chemical data – your direct decision support.

Chemical Intelligence Identification


Identify the unknown.

Collect Information Chemical data


Collect information.
Integrate devices.

Cold zone CIS


Analyze. Handle evidence.
Communicate. Store and share.

CIS Case Report


Decide. Create case report.

Incident Scene – Identify the unknown

Police Officer, First Responder, Rescue Unit, Customs, Fire Brigade, Hazmat Unit… To all of you, working at the scene of an incident;

  • Are you dealing with hazardous chemicals, explosives, narcotics and/or chemical warfare agents?
  • How do you choose the appropriate identification equipment and methods?

Get the right guidance with our application specific decision tree!

Hot Zone – Collect Information

Do you have the right tools to collect the necessary substance information in the field?

There is not one unique sensor to identify all kinds of chemicals, materials and substances.

You will need different tools and methods for different applications.

Explosives_Narcotics_Hazmat kit

Cold Zone – Communicate, Integrate, Analyze, Store and Share

When you are in the Hot Zone you need to communicate important information to the Cold Zone and vice versa. It is key that the communication works properly and efficiently to facilitate the decision making.

  • Do you need to work with several sensors, measurement instruments and methods? What if they all communicate, in one system?

We make it possible with the Chemical Intelligence Software – ChemDash

Action – Decision Support

Take the right action based on the Case report from ChemDash.

Your case report is the summary of all the collected information from Serstech’s tools, your own integrated sensors, measurement instruments and methods.

The complete information flow is traceable in ChemDash, from the first sampling to your final action.

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