Introducing Serstech Rental

Enhance your capabilities fast

Everything you need is included; substance libraries, perpetual warranty, prioritized service, insurance, training and updates. Rent it for a short period for full flexibility or for a longer one at even lower cost. Change plan or return the instruments when your needs change.

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Serstech Arx and Arx+

The identification of unknown substances has never been easier, quicker or more precise. Serstech Arx and Arx+ introduce the industry-first autofocus solution SharpEyeTM that instantly adapts to the sample and the container. Handheld Raman has moved to a new level.

  • SharpEyeTM Autofocus

    The patented autofocus solution instantly finds the optimal measurement spot for precise identification of pure samples and complex mixtures.

  • Efficient Workflow

    An industry-best user interface, designed from the ground up to support efficient workflows that are easy to learn.

  • Analyze, Report and Share

    All Serstech instruments connect to ChemDash. Serstech Arx and Arx+ connect wirelessly to ChemDash for efficient analysis, reporting and sharing of custom libraries.

Meet us

  • NCT, Edgewood, MD, US, September 7-9
  • NCT Europe, Rieti, Italy, October 5-7
  • India International Security Expo – New Delhi, October 7-9
  • CBRNe Summit USA, Las Vegas, US, 12-13 October
  • China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference, China, Oct 12-15
  • China International Military Police Equipment And Anti-terrorist Expo 2021, Oct 25-27
  • The 18th  China International Social Public Security Expo (CPSE), Shenzhen, China, Oct 29-Nov 1
  • CBRNe Convergence, Orlando, US, 2-4 November
  • The 9th  International Exhibition On Police Equipment, November 8-10
  • NCT Asia Explosive, Seoul, South Korea, 10-12 November
  • ETIF Pharmaceutical Congress, Argentina, 17-19 November