Serstech Rental

Enhance your capabilities fast

Low Cost, Full Value

Everything you need is included; substance libraries, perpetual warranty, prioritized service, insurance, training and updates. Rent it for a short period for full flexibility or for a longer one at even lower cost. Change plan or return the instruments when your needs change.

Enhance Your Capabilities Fast

The world changes fast and you often need to rise to new challenges. Renting your high-tech tools allows you to adapt and improve from one day to the next. We keep units in stock and can ship immediately.

Full Flexibility, Low Risk

With Serstech Rental, you are virtually risk-free. If you don’t use the instrument, return it. If you need another instrument, it will be shipped within days. If you break the instrument, we’ll ship a replacement.

Your Choice of Solution

Choose between any of Serstech’s instruments – Serstech 100 Indicator or Serstech Arx. Whatever your choice is, the instrument will be delivered configured with a complete set of accessories and our most popular libraries – narcotics, explosives, hazardous/TICS and pharmaceuticals. Everything is included and there are no extra costs.

  • Included in rental

    ■ Flexible return
    ■ Full warranty
    ■ Fully configured with libraries
    ■ Service level agreement – full support
    ■ Fast delivery
    ■ Life cycle management – New unit after 3 years/5 years
    ■ Theft Protection
    ■ Free Software and Firmware updates/upgrades

  • Benefits

    ■ Low product risk
    ■ Try before you buy
    ■ Libraries for all applications
    ■ Less maintenace cost
    ■ No upfront investment
    ■ Less financial risk
    ■ No public tender
    ■ Short lead time: Delivery within weeks
    ■ Always latest hardware and software

Rental option


For shorter needs or for ”Try and buy/rent” scenario. Only three months commitment.

Rental option


Make sure to always be updated with a new instrument every three years.

Rental option


You get the lowest monthly cost and a new instrument every five years.

Download the Serstech Rental Datasheet

Want to know more? Download our latest product datasheet.