SERSTECH AB: Board members aquires shares in Serstech

Sverker Göranson, former supreme commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, has acquired 10.700 shares in Serstech. Sverker joined the board in 2017 and is also active as advisor to the Saab Group in the United States. 

Anna Werntoft, CEO of Stratiteq Sweden AB, has acquired 10.300 shares in Serstech. Anna joined the board in 2017 and is also on the board of directors of MINC Incubator in Malmö and Innovation Skåne AB. 

The board of directors and management of Serstech now hold in total 1.861.600 shares, corresponding to 3% of the outstanding shares.

For further information please contact:
Stefan Sandor,
CEO, Serstech AB
phone +46 739 606067

Sophie Persson, 
Chair of the board Serstech AB
phone: +46 733 865660
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About Serstech AB
Serstech delivers solutions for chemical identifications and has customers across the world, mainly in the safety and security industry. Typical customers are customs, police authorities, security organisations and, since recently also United Nations. The solutions and technology are however not limited to security applications and potentially any industry using chemicals of some kind could be addressed by Serstech’s solution. Serstech is traded at Nasdaq First North and you find more information about the company at:
Certified advisor to Serstech is Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance  AB