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SERSTECH AB: Election Committee’s proposal for Serstech’s Annual General Meeting

The Election Committee of Serstech AB (publ), consisting of Jörg Hübner (Chair), Mathias Albertson and Peter Höjerback, herewith presents its proposal for Serstech’s Annual General Meeting.The Election Committee proposes as follows:–    that Sophie Persson be appointed chair of the meeting;–    that the Board shall consist of four members without alternates;–    that remuneration to the members […]

SERSTECH AB: Quarterly report January-March 2018

New partners in China and  US – strategy adaptation going according to plan First quarter 2018      ·                       Net sales: KSEK 1,210 (2,939)      ·                       Profit for the period: KSEK -3,434 (-722)      ·                       Earnings per share: SEK -0.06 (-0.02)      ·                       Earnings per average number of shares: SEK -0.07  (-0.02)      ·                       Orders delivered to the UN      ·                       First […]

SERSTECH AB: Serstech signs break-through agreement with US partner

Serstech has signed an agreement with a well-established, highly specialized US system integrator, which provides high-end system solutions to the US military and several US agencies. The agreement covers both Serstech’s software and hardware products and is the first distribution agreement for Serstech in the US market. The partner has a significant distribution network from […]

SERSTECH AB: Serstech awarded patent for electronic focus

The patent covers the use of electronically focus-tunable lenses in Raman instruments and will, once implemented, bring Serstech’s hand-held Raman instrument another step closer to the large, non-portable instruments that reside in laboratories. The electronically focus-tunable lenses can automatically, and within milliseconds, locate and set the laser focus on the point in the sample where […]

SERSTECH AB: Serstech wins its first major European order

Serstech has received an order worth 170 KEUR (1.7 MSEK) from Romania and Bulgaria. This is the first major order to European authorities, end customers being the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police and the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior. The order includes the Serstech 100 Indicator and the Chemical Warfare Agents Database. Serstech has developed […]