Features and solutions in the new firmware – Jan Sonnvik VP Engineering

The main driver for the new firmware has been customer- and market feedback on needs for the Security sector, in particular in the areas of Narcotics and Explosives.

The unique Screen method offers a comprehensive solution for e.g. Police- and Customs officers in their field missions targeting explosives and/or narcotics. The solution is very flexible since it give users the power to scan for one or several substance categories at a time. It is also very easy to use and understand since the advanced on-board algorithms will sort out and display only the relevant substances if several are found in the sample. Our main goal with the interaction design has been to give fast, clear and to the point action advice to the field officer. Also, the flexibility of our system allows us to expand the Screen methods to other areas of interest in the future, e.g. First Responders screening for toxic or hazardous substances.

In addition to the Screen method we have also further developed and improved the general matching algorithms for all resident methods (i.e. Screen, Identify and Verify). This has also been driven by customer feedback and the goal has been to further minimise ambiguous results, again with focus on delivering clear and actionable results for the field user.

There are also a number of other improvements. As an example, USB management is now much enhanced by having device configuration and data available simultaneously. This will significantly increase the ease of use of the solution when using the DMT device management software with your Indicator.

What impact will it have on customers and for the future?
We feel the new Screen method represents a potentially revolutionary step away from the traditional device-centric view and towards a solution perspective. By introducing many easy-to-use methods in a single instrument you will in essence get several devices in one. The same solution will be able to adapt to your needs, from narcotics screening to industrial applications. This is a very flexible as well as cost-effective paradigm benefitting users and also us as supplier. Serstech will continue down this route so keep your eyes open!