CBRNe summit in Madrid together with Spanish Sales Partner IBATECH.

Jose Miguel Jimenez, VP Sales, Serstech, joined the CBRNe summit in Madrid, 24-27 April, together with our Spanish Sales Partner IBATECH.

IBATECH is a well-established engineering company, proposing innovative solutions in the defence and environment sector, based in Madrid. The main business areas include CBRN defence, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), meteorology, communications and logistics.

The cooperation is beneficial on both sides. Serstech’s connected handheld Raman spectrometer and Chemical Intelligence Software, is a great complement to IBATECH’s product portfolio and in return, Serstech will profit from IBATECH’s important customer network.

At the CBRNe summit in Madrid, April 24-27, Jose Miguel Jimenez, Serstech VP Sales, held several presentations at IBATECH’s booth.

IBATECH Serstech's Spanish Sales Partner