Launching ChemDash ONE and ChemDash Anywhere, a complete Chemical Intelligence software adapted for your organisation.

In the car, at the scene of the crime, in the field, or late at night doing your report, connect one or several Indicators anywhere, anytime with ChemDash Anywhere.
The main advantages with ChemDash Anywhere are:

  • Instantly share data within your organisation or a selected group of users
  • Real time device status
  • Automatic backup of your measurements.

ChemDash is built on a flexible platform that allows you to work both in the cloud or locally on your PC.

Use ChemDash ONE if you want to work offline, if your organisation has Internet connection limits or restrictions for sharing data through the cloud.
The Indicator will be linked to ONE user and ONE computer. As in ChemDash Anywhere, you can still analyse, store, edit measurements and data, export and print