New firmware for better answers

Interview with Jörgen, Algorithm Specialist, R&D Serstech

Why this new version?

Thanks to feedback from our users we constantly work on improving our products. We have now developed a better and even more accurate Identify method that very clearly displays a single component or a mixture of substances.

Which are the main new features?

    • The renewed Identify method is the main new feature. However, in the development of the new algorithms even other scan-methods have been improved, especially the Screen method.
    • The new bottle adapter makes it possible to measure substances in thicker packaging than standard bottles and vials, which are about 1 mm thick. It increases the ease-of-use and accuracy of the Indicator in situations where the user does not get results with the current point-and-shoot adapter (which is designed for powders in plastic bags as well as solids).

How does the new Identify method work?

As indicated by the updated result displays in the product there is now a more easy to understand separation into single substance matches and mixture matches. We have also significantly enhanced the dynamic adaption capability of the algorithms in response to varying sampling conditions. This makes Identify as well as the other methods more robust.

What will be the impact for our users?

We believe that our users will find that the upgrade to Firmware 3.3 makes them more successful than ever with more samples correctly explained thanks to the new ease-of use and precision.