Serstech partners with Polytec for sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Serstech has today signed a sales agreement with Polytec GmbH –  a well-known and major distributor of measurement equipment for German industry and government entities. Polytec has excellent market contacts and already high competence in how to use and sell solutions similar to Serstech’s. The cooperation has started and already this week Polytec and Serstech exhibit together at a large police exhibition in Germany. Polytec is now able to demonstrate and deliver instruments to potential customers.

A great sales partner for Europe’s largest market
Polytec has about 380 employees and more than 45 years of experience in lasers and optical metrology. Since before, Polytec also offers larger Raman spectrometers. They know the market and has seen a need in both industry and authorities for the solutions that Serstech offers.

“-Germany is the largest market in Europe for measuring instruments and software. We are happy to start working with Polytec and are proud that they – based on their vast knowledge – has selected Serstech and directly started the sales process. Polytec also has extensive experience in serving Austrian and Swiss industry” says Peter Höjerback, CEO Serstech.

A solution that the market demands
“-We have since a couple of years seen how handheld Raman spectrometers start to meet more and more needs within Industry. They help in ensuring quality of incoming raw materials, finding errors in production and developing new solutions in the labs. Serstech is now launching a very small, easy to use and affordable instrument combined with innovative software. We have great expectations to introduce this to a large number of Industry and the Security customers”, concludes Jens Nolte, VP Business Unit Analytics at Polytec GmbH.

The companies have jointly put up plans for marketing and started work this week with a booth at the IPOMEX exhibtion in Münster (Germany), with both companies present.