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Yes, we preach chemical intelligence to build the bigger picture, deepen your understanding and act accordingly.

But we also know how to practice it.


It is 10 pm on a busy Friday night. In a district of the city known for it’s restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, a small explosive device has detonated outside a nightclub.

CASE CBRNE and HAZMAT – The Suspicious Powder

John B works for the Fire and Rescue Service. He has twelve years experience, nine in routine firefighting roles and three years in his fire brigade’s hazardous materials (HAZMAT) team.

Serstech – the easier way

• PROFESSIONAL. Good people in a prestige less company culture – easy to do business with.

• DEDICATION. Our solution help you accelerate the decision making process – not only to do chemical measurements.

• SPEED. Small gaps in the time from discovery to sharing.

• EASIER. Our users are not chemists, neither are we.

… taking you further

• SOFTWARE. Measure, store, analyse and share. Anywhere. Anytime.

• SUPPORT. Extensive partner network offering local training and support in your language.

• SECURITY. Encrypted data.

• TRAINING. Live Agent Training Certification in line with accepted international standards.